Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company

Pharmaceutical contract research in synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biopolymer chemistry.  

Business Evolution

Since its formation in 1986, Dalton Pharma Services has become a leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company. We provide a number of invaluable services to pharmaceutical and research communities across Canada and around the world.

With strength in synthetic organic chemistry and analytical chemistry, Dalton is a solution provider to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions who we assist in their research endeavors. Whether the relationship is a Pharmaceutical contract research alliance or a custom chemical synthesis, Dalton is a responsive organization committed to keeping our customers on the forefront of their chosen fields.


Pharmaceutical Contract Research Company Dalton Pharma Services has been producing Fine Chemicals on a

custom basis for research and chemical supply houses for over twenty years (Fluka, Aldrich, Sigma, Acros).  As part of our business development efforts, we have identified and supplied many new reagents for biological and pharmaceutical applications. This includes novel analogues and impurities of active pharmaceuticals ingredients, as well as new linkers. As part of our continued business evolution we have recently added dosage form development and manufacturing as well as integrated pharmaceutical project management to our list of capabilities. We are fully committed to being a full service provider for our clients by strategically improving our systems and processes as we help our clients build their drugs from the start to the late clinical stage of their drug development.

Our expertise lies in low volume, high value synthesis; we are actively developing pharmaceutical contract research opportunities globally and we are actively seeking opportunities to use our experience & chemistry expertise to make difficult, useful and novel molecules.

Our staff has a solid synthetic organic chemistry base and is capable of handling a variety of chemistry and biotechnology projects. Our objective oriented approach has made us a perfect complement for aggressive organizations looking to enhance their own drug discovery and development programs. We are actively looking for new challenges and partners as we expand our business and our presence in the international pharmaceutical contract research and biotechnology industries.

We have a fully integrated analytical lab, capable of method development and validation to ICH standards. Dalton also has significant experience in natural products chemistry, preparation of actives and labeled markers, as well as analytical method development.




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