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Accelerated Stability Testing Equipment
Accelerated Stability Testing Equipment

Accelerated Stability Testing

Dalton Pharma Services has the capability and appropriate storage conditions to meet regulatory and client's requirements as well as the quality control support to initiate and complete Stability Testing promptly and correctly. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are maintained governing general Stability requirements including labeling, handling, storage and testing of stability samples.

Our Pharmaceutical Stability Testing Services include:

  • Long term, intermediate and Accelerated Stability Testing studies
  • Stability Studies for API, Formulation Development Products and Finished Products
  • Stability Studies for Controlled Substances, Toxic and Biological Materials
  • Certificate of Analyses and Data Trend Analysis
Chambers: ICH Compliant Temperature and Humidity Controlled
  • 25°C ± 2°C / 60% RH ± 5% RH
  • 30°C ± 2°C / 65% RH ± 5% RH
  • 40°C ± 2°C / 75% RH ± 5% RH
  • 5°C ± 3°C
  • -20°C ± 5°C
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