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Accelerated Stability Testing
Accelerated Stability Testing Equipment

Accelerated Stability Testing

Dalton supports its customer’s products with our in-house stability services. Offering full stability services from protocol development for accelerated stability, intermediate term stability and long term stability programs. Our  data and trending analysis performed by Dalton’s stability experts, means results you can rely on. We even offer stability programs for your controlled drug products (scheduled drugs). 

Our modern laboratory and experienced analysts ensure your stability pulls are performed on time and that the high-quality test results are provided to you on schedule.  We can compile and generate detailed stability reports that meet your reporting requirements for commercial products as well as programs designed to support your clinical programs.

All stability programs are maintained in qualified in-house stability chambers that are monitored 24 hours a day for any change in conditions.

Dalton offers a wide range of ICH compliant stability conditions including:

  • 25°C ± 2°C / 60% RH ± 5% RH
  • 30°C ± 2°C / 65% RH ± 5% RH
  • 40°C ± 2°C / 75% RH ± 5% RH
  • 5°C ± 3°C
  • -20°C ± 5°C
  • Photo-stability ICH Q1B: 14,000 Lux Vis and 200 W/m2 U

Let Dalton be your reliable partner for all of your stability and analytical testing needs.


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