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Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development

Built on the strength and experience of more than 25 years of Dalton Pharma Services excellence, Dalton Medicinal Chemistry is a highly focused team of committed, knowledgeable medicinal chemists with expertise in small molecule drug discovery and development.
Dalton Medicinal Chemistry augments your in-house expertise and capabilities, serving as an extension of your own R&D groups. We work closely with our partners to design and synthesize compounds for their targets and assays, leading ultimately to the identification of development candidates.

Our track record of identifying novel chemical entities for your Discovery/Development pipelines has been demonstrated to-date through three publicly announced partnerships with Biotech (BioRelix & Bikam) and Pharma (Boehringer Ingelheim).
Dalton Medicinal Chemistry Focus
  • Quality and creativity
  • Commitment to achieving our customer’s goals
  • Timely, clear, detailed communication
  • Responsiveness to timelines and flexibility to accommodate changing priorities 
Dalton Medicinal Chemistry Expertise
  • Structure- and ligand-based analog design
  • Synthetic organic chemistry of all major chemotypes; focused library synthesis
  • Rapid, efficient execution of iterative design, synthesis and SAR elucidation
  • Understanding and experience in Drug Discovery of major target classes
  • Problem solving – synthetic Discovery, SAR analysis, ADMET issues
Dalton Medicinal Chemistry offers significant experience in Fragment-to-Lead, Hit-to-Lead, and Lead Optimization capabilities in advancing compounds to development against a wide variety of target types and therapeutic areas.

Selected Areas of Previous Experience
  • Antibacterials
  • Antivirals
  • Diabetes/obesity
  • Cancer/oncology
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cardiovascular agents
  • Anti-aging
  Judd Berman
Dalton Medicinal Chemistry
416-661-2102 x331

Peter Pekos
Founder and President
Dalton Pharma Services


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