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2019 North American & Canadian Biathlon Championships

Dalton Pharma Services, a leading partner in the development and manufacture of medicines and drugs for a healthier world, has supported local elite athlete and coach development for over fifteen years.

At Dalton we believe that sports unite families, communities, and our country, and as the presenting sponsor of Biathlon Canada’s national competition, we are proud to support elite athletes with Olympic dreams.

Biathlon Canada’s culture emphasizes leadership, excellence, integrity, non-discrimination and respect and we share these values at Dalton.

The North American & Canadian Biathlon Championships will take place from March 26-March 31, 2019 at the Whistler Olympic Park, BC, Canada.

As a presenter, Dalton is proud to support the outstanding sporting achievements of our athletes and encourages others to also contribute in promoting ambitious and exceptional talent in winter sports.

Find all the details of the Biathlon at https://whistlerbiathlon.com/calendar/2019-biathlon-nationals/.

Best wishes to our outstanding athletes as they strive to achieve their dreams!