Liposomal Formulation
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Liposomal Formulation

What are Liposomes?

Liposomes are spherical vesicles composed of one or more phospholipid bilayers with an internal cavity. Liposomes can encapsulate hydrophilic or lipophilic molecules and have been investigated as DDSs (Drug Delivery Systems) to enhance safety and efficacy of the therapeutics.

Our Liposomal Formulation Capabilities

Dalton offers its customers more than 10 years of experience using complex liposomal formulations with small molecules, proteins and peptides. Our experience with liposomes includes:

  • Aseptic or terminally sterilized (TS)
  • Extrusion manufacturing
  • Batch Process manufacturing
  • Lyophilization cycle optimization
  • Existing formulation enhancements

Dalton has extensively used both Synthetic and Natural Liposomes. With capabilities to extract and formulate naturally occurring liposomes (bilosomes), Dalton is your ideal partner for developing liposomal products.