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At Dalton, we know our hardworking, dedicated, enthusiastic employees make this company great!
We appreciate their thoughtful words about their experiences at Dalton.

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“ It is a pleasure working with so many people of different cultures and experience ”
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“I started working a Dalton Chemical Laboratories (now Dalton Pharma Services) on July 2nd, 2002 and I have truly enjoyed my years here. This was my first real job in Canada after migrating from Guyana in 2000. Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, I started out at Dalton as a Lab Steward. Over the years I have gained knowledge and vast experience. It is a pleasure working with so many people of different cultures and experience. These people have taught me so much and given me the opportunity to grow successfully. It is truly a pleasure coming to work at Dalton every day because of the friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. The longevity of many Dalton employees is what makes it great to work here at Dalton Pharma Services. Thank you and looking forward for many more years at Dalton.”

“ Working at Dalton is a very rewarding experience ”
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Working at Dalton is a very rewarding experience because employees are valued, the work is unique and rewarding and there is a healthy work – life balance. One of the first things that struck me and has stayed with me is the mutual respect of the people you work with, and how that positively impacts the work atmosphere. Growth is encouraged, and that in turn makes you strive for excellence.

“ As a young professional I’m glad that Dalton gave me the opportunity to not only grow, but challenge myself in a growing field. ”
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“Finding a job after graduation is daunting for a young professional but I’m glad that Dalton gave me the opportunity to not only grow but challenge myself in a growing field. I joined Dalton Pharma Services in 2018 unsure about how I would fit in the pharmaceutical field with a strong background in biology and public health. In the last three years, Dalton has not only provided me tools to grow but also aided me with my current Regulatory Affairs Program at Seneca to expand my education. Dalton gave me a new perspective on the exciting world of pharmaceuticals from learning about cGMP API manufacturing, API process development and how the vast roles all correlate with each other in the process development of a pharmaceutical drug. Additionally, the diversity is exemplary and authentic in terms of respecting and acknowledging everyone’s culture. Everyone’s voice matters here, because Dalton understands being part of a team means working with integrity and continually striving for excellence. In the morning, I truly get excited coming to work because of the friendly environment and has given me a renewed purpose to put in 100% effort in all areas of my life.”

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“ I feel like this is a Home away from my Home! ”
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“Since Dalton is aggressively progressing to become a leading CMO in Canada, I have faced several challenging and exciting opportunities to execute. My job allows me a unique opportunity to work with diverse people, both locally and globally. This opportunity is definitely one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life. I have a true respect for this company as it helps me to grow continuously as an expert in my field as well as a competent leader by providing several well-regarded training sessions across North America. My effort is solemnly recognized and they truly make me feel like one of the prominent members in the history books, which is already evident through my career development at Dalton. This company is full of entertainment such as the Spring-Fling dance, Christmas lunch, onsite haircuts, ice-cream Friday's throughout the summer, chair massages, team building picnic, international lunch, Canada Day BBQ (and much more) and most importantly all of these are unconditionally free for each employee! These are the key elements for providing a home like environment. A flexible schedule gives me the opportunity to create an absolutely perfect work-life balance. Last but not least, the management here are pleasingly down to earth, approachable, and they truly care about their employees. I feel like this is a home away from my home!”

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“ Diversity, equal opportunity, and positive can-do attitude are prevalent in each department. ”
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Dalton’s core values of People, Integrity, and Excellence are ingrained in the company culture and are apparent in everything Dalton does. Diversity, equal opportunity, and positive can-do attitude are prevalent in each department. Interdepartmental interactions are underscored by an air of camaraderie and teamwork.

Having R&D to finished product including API synthesis under one roof is an impressive accomplishment. It allows unparalleled control and full integration of quality at each step of the process. I have personally enjoyed the fast-paced environment and the experience gained through overview of the entire pharmaceutical process.

Employees take pride in Dalton’s achievements for good reason. The last few years have been marked by FDA approvals, increased capabilities, and growth throughout the entire company. Working in a state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge processes is exciting but knowing that we make a difference in the world community through advances in innovative treatments for various diseases including the COVID-19 pandemic is the real source of pride. Numerous ongoing charitable ventures, and a pipeline full of ground-breaking projects confirms a bright and exciting future for Dalton.

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“ I like working at Dalton because it offers great learning opportunities and diverse culture ”
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“These are some of the reasons why I like working at Dalton:

  • Friendly, challenging, interesting working environment
  • Great learning opportunities
  • Diverse culture
  • Yearlong activities that involves everyone and makes you forget that you are at work and it makes you feel happy to go to work again next day"
“ Dalton is the first employer that has ever made me feel like I am a part of something special ”
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“As an immigrant who has spent over 20 years in some international pharmaceutical companies, Dalton has given me a lot of “first-time” experiences:

  • The first time that the owner has been willing to take more than one hour to talk about the company’s vision, mission and supports for individual development face to face
  • The first time my boss led the whole team singing “Happy Birthday” for me in the lunchroom
  • The first time I have had a massage in the workplace to relax
  • The first time I have gone to work with a flexible schedule
  • The first time I have tasted different countries delicious foods cooked by colleagues

Dalton really makes me feel like I’m working in a big family and is the first employer that has ever made me feel like I am a part of something special. I am proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.”