Research & Development

Research & Development

As an intermediary between Dalton and its customers, Sales, Marketing and Project Management strive to improve the customer’s journey throughout the product/service life cycle. This begins with first ensuring the right fit for both organizations as well as clear and accurate approved work scopes. In addition, PM provides effective communication, planning, execution and control for the customer’s project.

We are always looking for new people to contribute to the company's growth. We offer a competitive salary and benefits and an excellent opportunity to build your career with a growing company.

Please forward your resume to:

Human Resources Department
Dalton Pharma Services Inc.


Synthetic Chemist

We are currently looking for dynamic and independent Synthetic Chemists within our research and development department.

The preferred candidates will possess a minimum of a B.Sc. with hands-on laboratory experience in synthetic chemistry within an industrial environment. S/he must possess the ability to work in a Synthetic Chemistry lab while following standard safety protocols, follow instructions and experimental procedures to carry out synthesis using modern organic synthesis techniques, communicate project plan and progress of project with the supervisor, use NMR spectroscopy, chromatography and Mass spectrometry for analysis, possess knowledge and experience working with modern purification equipment and methodologies, work in an environment that requires using shared equipment, maintain regular upkeep of laboratory or technical equipment, record experimental details and analytical data in lab notebook following SOP for best documentation practices. Theoretical knowledge about chemical transformations and ability to interpret NMR and MS data is an asset.

S/he must have a proven track record of successfully completing challenging projects within tight deadlines.

S/he must possess excellent communication skills both verbal and written and must be an excellent team player.

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