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Dalton Pharma Services Supports Manufacturing of Arch BioPartner's LSALT Peptide Share Article

Arch Biopartners has developed LSALT Peptide (also known as “Metablok”), a novel drug that targets acute organ inflammation in the lungs, liver, and kidneys. This new drug has recently entered the Canadian Treatments for COVID-19 Trial which is participating in a global effort to find treatments for severe complications of COVID-19. Metablok is the first novel therapeutic to enter the CATCO Trial, which has so far tested generic drugs such as remdesivir, dexamethasone, and hydroxychloroquine. Metablok is entering the CATCO study on the basis of the results from the proof of concept, phase II trial completed earlier in 2021 which found that patients in the LSALT group had less ventilation days than those in the placebo group.

LSALT Peptide was originally created to treat sepsis patients and to prevent acute inflammation in the kidneys, but as the need for COVID-19 therapy arose, the development of this new molecule evolved to assist as a potential therapeutic treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. According to Dr. Dan Muruve the Chief Scientific Officer of Arch BioPartners, “There is a good chance that by 2022 we’ll know more about how effective our drug is.”

Dalton Pharma Services, a leading North American Pharmaceutical cGMP CDMO has supported the development of this novel medicine by providing fill and finish services, manufacturing Arch’s formulation for Metablok in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to support their clinical study.

Dalton Pharma Services is excited to be part of Arch BioPartner's success in developing a novel medicine that will combat organ inflammation and could potentially become a therapy to combat covid. CEO Peter Pekos says, “it is fantastic to be part of the global effort for the development of novel therapies that aim to transform and benefit patients’ lives.”

About Arch Biopartners

Arch Biopartners Inc. is a Canadian, clinical-stage company focused on the development of innovative technologies that have the potential to make a significant medical or commercial impact. Arch is developing a pipeline of new drug candidates that inhibit inflammation in the lungs, liver, and kidneys via the dipeptidase-1 (DPEP-1) pathway, relevant for multiple medical indications.

About Dalton Pharma Services

Dalton Pharma Services is a leading North American cGMP pharmaceutical organization providing integrated drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services. We are FDA-registered, and Health Canada approved, and bring over 30 years of experience to every project. We deliver fully integrated solutions with an emphasis on speed, flexibility, and quality. Our integrated services (drug discovery, formulation and process development, custom synthesis, cGMP sterile fill/finish of liquids and powders, cGMP API manufacturing and/or dosage form manufacturing, and Accelerated Stability Testing) all at one location helps us to be adaptable, flexible and cost-effective.

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