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Dalton Receives Approval for Cannabis Analytical Test Licence

Dalton Pharma Services is pleased to announce its recent approval for the Cannabis Analytical Test Licence from Health Canada under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations.

The Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations provide a foundation for legal access to cannabis, including the control and regulation of cannabis via production, distribution, and sale processes. The Cannabis Analytical Test Licence is required to test cannabis for analytical purposes by any means, including with an organic solvent. Cannabis analytical testing may include, but is not limited to, testing chemical contaminants, microbial contaminants, cannabinoid content, dissolution or disintegration, and/or stability testing.

Currently, Dalton also holds the Cannabis Drug Licence (CDL) and Standard Processing Licence (SPL). CDL holders are authorized to sell drugs containing cannabis to other CDL holders, pharmacists, practitioners, hospital employees, researchers, and analytical testers, while the SPL is required for plant-based cannabis products. Together, these two licenses allow for manufacturing recreational and medicinal cannabis products, respectively.

The recently acquired Cannabis Analytical Test Licence qualifies Dalton to perform tests related to cannabis products for our clients. This exciting development for Dalton Pharma Services enables the organization's potential to perform Cannabis product tests for Dalton manufactured products and third-party testing contracts. All CBD plant-based tests may now be performed in QC labs.

About Dalton Pharma Services:

Dalton Pharma Services is a leading North American cGMP pharmaceutical organization providing integrated drug discovery, development and manufacturing services. We are FDA-registered, Health Canada approved and bring over 35 years of experience to every project. We deliver fully integrated solutions with an emphasis on speed, flexibility and quality. Our integrated services (drug discovery, formulation and process development, custom synthesis,; cGMP sterile fill/finish of liquids and powders, cGMP API manufacturing; dosage form manufacturing and Accelerated Stability Testing) all at one location help us to be adaptable, flexible and cost-effective.

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